Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting Started!

OK-I'm Starting.  I've wanted to blog for quite a while now.  What finally drove me to it?  REAL ESTATE!  I'm counting many blessings:  Married (31 years), three wonderful children married to wonderful spouses and...four grandchildren-What a joy!  I can say with bitter-sweet expression that some chapters of my life are now closed and its time to open a new one.  Again I say, "REAL ESTATE!"  I took the course (with hubby James), passed the test, and am now ready to help YOU with your real estate needs.  I will use this space to post things of interest to you, the public, about realty in our area. I will be including videos (when I figure that out:)) and photos.
I will also be mixing in the loves of my life-Family and Friends. It's probably beyond me to do this daily but I will try to post with some regularity.  Besides, its fun to keep in touch!  I will welcome your  comments as this is communication AND a learning process for me.

Be sure and check out and see the great people I work with.  A special thanks goes to realtor Susan Neaville-she's the reason I'm here and has the job of mentoring me.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this-I'm already looking forward to the next post!

Psalm 103:1


  1. I love it and am very impressed!!

  2. Okay, Aunt Cec, I'm suoer impressed! Clearly, you and dad have different genes, as he thinks a bog is a misspelling of "log":) Hope you are doing well! Looking forward to reading.
    Much love,